Congratulations to our 2020s who have committed to playing at the next level: 

Michael Mann - Detroit Mercy (NCAA DI)

Jack Conroy - University of Utah (NCAA DI)

Matteo Corsi - Lehigh University (NCAA DI)

Congratulations to our 2019s who have committed to playing at the next level:

Nic Brough - Albion College (NCAA DIII)

Mike Molloy - Albion College (NCAA DIII)

Peter Ghormley - Benedictine University (NCAA DIII)

Nick Conrad - Madonna University (NAIA)

Sam Peterson - Aquinas College (NAIA)

Jeff Varner - Madonna College (NAIA)

Congratulations to our 2018s who have committed to playing at the next level:

Fernando Robison - University of Detroit Mercy (NCAA DI)

Caleb Forga - St. Bonaventure (NCAA DI)

Drew Lieberman - Illinois Wesleyan (NCAA DIII)

Jonathan Mann - Hope College (NCAA DIII)

Travis Barr - Otterbein College (NCAA DIII)

Jack Moses - Wittenberg Unviersity (NCAA DIII)

Omar Mahmud - Albion College (NCAA DIII)

Zac Taylor - Illinois Wesleyan (NCAA DIII)

Congratulations to our 2017s who have committed to playing at the next level:

Patrick Kaschalk - Stony Brook (NCAA DI)

Blake Baker - Univ. Indianapolis (NCAA DII)

Nick Iannuzzi - UD Mercy (NCAA DI)

Josh Luketic - Albion (NCAA DIII)

Jack Dively - Cleveland State University (NCAA DI)

Charlie Stover - Capital University (NCAA DIII)

Matt Molchan - Madonna University (NAIA)

Ian Gaillard - Adrian College (NCAA DIII)

Zach Gallaher - Western Michigan University (MCLA)

Kyle Sanderson - Adrian College (NCAA DIII)

Ryan Makowski - Concordia AA (NAIA)

Nash West - Aquinas (NAIA)

Kyle Prewitt - Chatham University (NCAA DIII)

Ian Wunderlich - Grand Valley State Univ (MCLA)

Congratulations to our 2016s who have committed to playing at the next level:

Chase Baker - Cleveland State University (NCAA DI)

Brandon Matthews - Albion College (NCAA DIII)

Todd Gipson-Goodnough - Adrian College (NCAA DIII)

Antonio Corsi - Albion College (NCAA DIII)

Tom Needham - Alma College (NCAA DIII)

Nick Gargaro - College of Wooster (NCAA DIII)

Austin Burger - Lourdes (MCLA)

Conner Ludeman - Concordia AA (NAIA)

Jacob Best - Grand Valley State Univ. (MCLA)

Derrek Roesler - Western Michigan University (MCLA)

Congratulations to our 2015s playing at the next level:

Connor Konas - Univ of Indianapolis (NCAA DII)     

Collin O'Loughlin - Univ of Indianapolis (NCAA DII)

Matt Neimi- Otterbein University (NCAA DIII)

Nick Antenucci - La Roche College (NCAA DIII)

Thomas Sprys-Tellner - Hope College (NCAA DIII)

Adam Cousineau - Alma College (NCAA DIII)

Derek Roesler - Western Michigan University (MCLA)

Austin Poe - U of M Dearborn (MCLA)

Matt Foreman - Grand Valley State (MCLA)

Mack Baker - Aquinas College (MCLA)

Joey Krause - Aquinas College (MCLA)