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"Coach Greaney helped develop and take my game to the next level. His commitment to excellence and his drive pushed me to work as hard as possible and achieve at the highest level of lacrosse. He is one of the most passionate coaches I have had the pleasure of working with and I would recommend him to anybody!"

-Trevor Yealy
The University of Michigan
4x MCLA All-American (1st Team-'09, '10, '11 - 2nd Team '08)
3x MCLA National Champion
283 Career Goals - Most in U of M & MCLA history

"PLG does an excellent job by providing young men with great skill instruction. Ultimately, college coaches are looking for guys that fit their systems. Fundamentally sound players like the ones developed in PLG make it easy for college coaches to visualize how their games can translate at the next level. I am grateful for the PLG kids in my program, and look forward to recruiting more in the future."

-Dylan Sheridan: Head Coach - Cleveland State University (NCAA DI)

"At Albion College, we are looking for guys who are invested in getting better everyday. We want players who understand that with constant work on the fundamentals, they improve. Mark's guys at PLG embrace this, and I think this says a lot about PLG and a lot about Coach Greaney. I have followed PLG from the beginning, and I have always noticed how much the players in his program improve over the course of the summer. I think this is what makes PLG special."

-Jake Decola: Head Coach - Albion College (NCAA D3)

"I always love watching the Premier Lacrosse Group play at tournaments!  You always know they will be one of the hardest working and smartest teams out there.  It is always great to see a club team that focuses on fundamentals and teaching key lacrosse concepts.  These guys play the game the right way and will be ready to make the jump to the next level when that time comes!  Looking forward to seeing them play again this summer!

-Dom Marzano: Head Coach: Capital University (NCAA D3), Assistant Coach : The Ohio Machine (MLL)

"Thomas Sprys-Tellner is a captain for us as a sophomore.  His work ethic, skill set, tenacity, and intelligence set him apart.  Thank you PLG for sending us Thomas. I enjoy working with Coach Greaney and trust his judgment when it comes to recruits that will be a good fit for us athletically and academically. I appreciate the balanced approach that PLG advocates on behalf of student-athletes.  They understand that lacrosse can be an essential part of maturing as a young man, and that a competitive environment helps grow competitive people."

- Mike Schanhals: Head Coach - Hope College (NCAA D3)


"I have been in sports performance for 25 years and Mark is truly going to change the way lacrosse is played and coached. My son's game has drastically improved from his teachings."

-Skip Bunton MS, ATC,

2x Men's Journal Top 100 Trainers in America


"As we see the tryouts for summer here, we are sad that we will no longer be a part of the PLG summer season. We have made great lifelong friends through PLG and so has Charlie. Your program truly has the best interests of the young men and the game in its foundation. We have seen the difference between poor coaching and great coaching, and the effect it can have on a player. Charlie was a completely different kid from spring to summer seasons. With PLG, he was always excited to go to practice and still excited after practice. It was the complete opposite for him from spring season. We know that if it were not for getting Charlie involved with PLG he would have surely quit lacrosse. Charlie recently had his senior pictures taken, and they typically have some pictures taken with equipment from the sports they participated in while at school. He had a picture taken with his stick and school helmet, but he had to have his PLG helmet right next to the school helmet. That says a lot. Charlie has had a crazy amount of interest from colleges all over the country. His list now contains 60 schools that have had coaches call, text, or email him. This is amazing to me. These are not even including the "Come to our prospect day" emails that he frequently gets. This is entirely due to the two of you and his coaches. We have visited several colleges (maybe too many) and he is currently deciding on his next step. We are so grateful to both of you, and don't hesitate to contact us if there is ever anything we can do for you. We were probably the people who had the longest drive (from Washington to Canton), but we wouldn't have traded it for a closer program. The communication, the positive feedback, and the encouragement Charlie received from this program impacted him far beyond the lacrosse field."

"Hundreds of kids showed up for tryouts and they all were given a penny with a number on the back. My son was given the #262. Along with many other numbers, #262 made the PLG 2018 team. At the first day of #262's first practice Coach Mark called #262 "Devin"! Amazingly, Mark knew all of the Kids by name already! PLG athletes are not just another number or kid on the team. Coach Mark, L'Meese, and all of Coaches truly care and do a phenomenal job with the boys. PLG is very organized and is a great learning environment. Emails are responded to promptly, even late at night when we have any questions. PLG made traveling to tournaments stress free by blocking out discounted clean safe hotels, Restaurant suggestions, preprinted directions to the fields from the hotels and healthy snack choices in the team tent at tournaments. Devin absolutely loves playing for PLG!"

"We are very proud of Collin and want to thank you for the opportunities you've provided him. Without the Premier Lacrosse Group, Collin wouldn't have been exposed to the coaches that have contacted him through this recruiting journey. We are extremely happy with PLG and look forward to working with you though Ryan's development.  Just think, Brady is only 4, so you'll be stuck with the O'Loughlin's for years to come!"


"PLG has been a top-notch experience. Few things in my experience have been as consistently good as your program. Face it; many things in life fall short of expectations. PLG exceeds them."


Absolutely the best experience! Awesome coaches with a passion for the game who truly care about player development. Quality players, great parents, and good tournaments made for a very enjoyable summer. Superb organization and communication kept everyone up to date and informed. Great job!"


 "The Premier Lacrosse Group is the most organized lacrosse program we've ever experienced. After a horrible experience with another club (that was organizing our high school team), we are assured that we've made the right choice over the years. Coach Schwind was awesome and had a huge impact on Charlie."


"Noah grew exponentially in his knowledge of the game and with his leadership - this is directly related to the coaching he received from the PLG staff."


"BIG thanks to the Premier Lacrosse Group coaches, staff, players and parents for making the Ohio boys and families feel so much a part of your family! What a memorable and successful summer! You're an amazing bunch! - Angie


"Connor is very proud to say he was on the inaugural PLG team!! He has learned so much from the coaching staff in the two years he has been here. He has made new friendships with players from outside of our community. He has had coaches contact him in the recruiting process, after watching our team play in the tournaments. We, as parents, have enjoyed the other parents and players on this team too. PLG is a top notch organization!"


"I don't want it to end! Great overall experience with PLG. The players and parents very much enjoyed being on this team."


 "Knowledgeable coaches, well organized. Clear improvement and raised player confidence."


"This was a great summer experience! Coaching was great, as was communication. Thomas really felt he learned a lot. We are so very pleased. Anytime we had a question it was answered quickly and thoroughly. We feel fortunate to have been part of your program!" - Jennifer S.


"On and off the field the Premier Lacrosse Group is a first-rate organization. Not only did the coaches provide excellent coaching for the team with individual instruction for each of the players throughout the season, but the program is also well run from an organizational standpoint. I highly recommend PLG"


"Thank you PLG for another amazing summer lacrosse season!!"  - Sarah C.


"Great players, wonderful coaches, and nice parents are a winning combination." - Anne F.

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